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What is coffee roasting and how is it done?

Coffee roasting converts an unroasted coffee bean from its dense, green, raw state; to the toasty brown, caramelized sugar and flavored oil miracle that is roasted coffee.

There are many types coffee roasting equipment on the market, each offering differing roasting techniques. One of the oldest techniques is drum roasting, typically larger machines, both in size and weight, are constructed with heavy materials and typically located in a roasting room unseen by the public. The drum roasting process requires preheating of the roasting drum, manual monitoring and manipulation of the roast process and termination to a cooling bin. The beans are roasted by way of conduction from the hot surfaces of the heated drum to the bean. The recent introduction of profiling software has aided in the repeatability of the end product, but most still require user interaction during the roasting process to develop the bean to finality.

Air roasters, typically smaller and less complex appliances, make use of hot air to fluidize the beans to allow for an even roasting of each and every bean. This method of heating is known as convection roasting, similar to how an oven would cook food. The constant movement of the bean allows for even roasting; no bean will sit on a hot surface long enough to over roast. Most air roasters incorporate a visual aspect of the roasting process, allowing the roasting professional to witness the development of the coffee throughout the roasting process. Adding the visual aspect to a retail environment allows for the customer to experience the process for themselves and provides an opportunity to engage with the customer and educate about coffee, a truly unique experience for both retailer and customer.

True Small-Batch Roasting

Our roaster is a fluid bed, or air roaster, that incorporates automation and visual impact. The heart of the roaster is an automated control system monitoring and driving the roasting process without the need for user intervention during the roasting cycle. Behind the scenes, the control system will follow a roast profile, making adjustments throughout the roast cycle to progressively increase the temperature of the beans over time.








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