The Barbell Difference

Why Barbell Brew?
     With so many coffee options to choose from, how are you, the coffee lover, supposed to know where to start? A great cup of coffee begins with the origin of the beans. We source all of our coffee from small, microlot community farms so you can be sure every bean of Barbell Brew is of the highest quality. Second, the method in which the beans are roasted greatly impacts the final product. We specialize in the rarely-used technique, air roasting (or fluid bed roasting). This method is what sets us apart from the competition.


Our Process
     Our premium, single-origin coffee beans are air-roasted in two-pound batches. Small batch roasting allows for specific temperature profiles to be used, enhancing regional flavors and creating a smooth tasteful cup that is never bitter.


Where the magic happens!Where the magic happens!

What is Air Roasted Coffee?
Air roasted coffee is roasted on a fluid bed of hot air as opposed to the traditional technique of tumbling in a hot steel drum. Coffee lovers who prefer air roasted coffee insist the taste is smoother and less bitter than traditional drum roasted coffee. “Sivetz roasting,” as air roasting is sometimes called named after the inventor Mike Sivetz, became mildly popular in the 1970’s. However, despite the many benefits it offers, it still remains a relatively unheard of process today, a method only used to roast 1-2% of all coffee.